Recovery Gallery

This virtual gallery showcases artwork depicting the creators’ experiences with their journeys to mental health and recovery. Each piece includes the title (and an optional description of the artist’s thought process while creating it).

The Gallery


Perpetual Stare– (Maria Hromcenco)

This piece represents a myriad of feelings, specifically a sensation that everyone (especially myself) is observing and critiquing my actions, placing pressure on me to meet—or better yet, to exceed—their expectations. The eyes represent external pressure, whereas the figure looking back at the audience portrays a physical embodiment of my own mind and the standards I have set for myself. I directly pulled on the dateless phrase, “eyes on you”, for inspiration. Continually feeling as if everyone has their “eyes on me”, analyzing the decisions I make, along with the ubiquitous presence of the news and awareness of others’ actions (as symbolized with the newspaper in the figure’s back pocket), were what led me to the creation of this work. Although the meaning behind this piece is on the serious side, I chose to utilize bright and coruscating colors to create a stark juxtaposition between the implementation and the concept behind it.

The Divide– (Maria Hromcenco)

I drew this when weighing the benefits and consequences of recovery versus continuing with behaviors. By visually laying out what each offers me, it is much easier to be motivated towards further pursuing recovery.

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