how to help someone with an eating disorder

How to help someone with an eating disorder: I am not a licensed therapist; these tips are coming from my own experiences as someone in anorexia recovery, and what helped me most when I was in treatment. If you are in recovery from an ED or currently in one, please regard this article with caution-Continue reading “how to help someone with an eating disorder”

a philosophical approach to anxiety

Hello! This quarantine has been incredibly stressful for everyone. People have been struggling to sustain themselves both physically (job, food/supplies, etc.) and mentally.  For me, almost the entirety of quarantine has been filled with terrible anxiety and worry. I needed an outlet for my stress, and so I poured it into preparation for my APContinue reading “a philosophical approach to anxiety”

My Thoughts on Body Image

I’m willing to bet that all of you, regardless of whether you’ve had an eating disorder or not, have struggled with negative body image at least once in your life. How did you respond to it? Did you just ignore it, did you have anxiety, did you wallow in its burdening effects?  For me, badContinue reading “My Thoughts on Body Image”

“Sit with it!”

Something I’ve always struggled with is comparing myself to my peers, whether it be my intelligence, my character, my appearance, or a plethora of other things. Before my eating disorder manifested itself, I kind of repressed those feelings, not dealing with- or even acknowledging- them. My eating disorder was a way to numb those feelingsContinue reading ““Sit with it!””