Imperfect Recovery

My Imperfect Recovery

“I had to see darkness, to experience it, to appreciate the light of life”


Hello all! I am Maria Hromcenco, a sixteen-year-old as well as recovering anorexic. I created this blog and virtual gallery to remind myself of what I am working towards, help others who may also be struggling with an eating disorder, and provide resources for friends and family.

My focus has now broadened into one of general mental health recovery, as well as of philosophy. I truly hope this site offers you relief and motivation. Trust the process! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it will get better.

cute lil animation I did hehe 🙂

Also, check out my shop! It sells custom art prints, bracelets, and other creative ventures. 100% of proceeds go to mental health organizations (NAMI, StrongMinds, NEDA)

Virtual Gallery

You can submit art about mental health and recovery and I will display it in a virtual gallery (with credit and a description).


My posts will talk of issues you may be facing as well as what I found has helped me.


You can ask questions in the comments of my posts, and either I or another reader will get back to you!

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